The objective of this research is the presentation of the quantitative data relating to the area of Southeastern and Eastern Europe, with Turkey included. The tables of quantitative data concern the interwar period and more specifically the interval between 1928 and 1938 approximately. They cover the Great Recession and the brief period after the crisis up until the start of WWII. This period and the selection of presenting specific data are integrated in the scope of analysis and pursue objectives of the research program TransMonEA (see abstract of Program Description “Academy of Athens”).

The sources consulted derive mainly from the published quantitative series of the League of Nations (LoN) for the interwar period. Additionally, other quantitative series have been consulted, as they appear in the editions of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House. These have also been published during the interwar era. Selection of the quantitative series to be presented regards the international commerce of the area (imports/experts) in stable currency, the servicing of foreign loans proportionate percentage wise to the exports of each country, as well as the value of imports/exports per metric ton. The intrinsic value of currencies in the area is also presented for the above period, using as base year the year 1928 (1928=100), as well as the market wholesale prices and the cost of living index. Lastly, the progression in the production of valuable crops such as tobacco is also presented.

The itemized statistical sources which were used to structure the base relate to the outcome of the program:  Report on the research approach and evaluation of specific quantitative sources: the crisis of 1929 in Southeastern Europe (

Announcement texts/presentations (

On the basis of the specific processing, publications and scientific announcements took place within the bounds of the research program TransMonEA.

Database Index:

Southeastern Europe:

1. Foreign Trade, 1928-30, 1932 and 1934, Exports (in million Swiss francs)

2. Imports (in millions Swiss francs)

3. Price per metric ton of exports and imports (In Swiss francs)

4. Total foreign dept service expressed as percentage of exports

5. World Trade in Million Dollars/ Imports

6. World Trade in Million Dollars/ Exports

7. Currency value (parity =100)

8. Index numbers of wholesale prices (1928/29 = 100)

9. Retail Prices: Cost of living (1928/9=100)

10. Wheat Production - Quintals (000's)

11. Tobacco production/ Quintals (000's)

12. Rye: Production/Quintals (000's)


Eastern and Southeastern Europe

1. Foreign Trade in millions of Swiss Francs

Database 1

Database 2

Database 3


The use of specific data  entries is allowed, provided the source of reference: Μ. Sarras,  "Southeastern European Statistics during the Interwar Period’’, TransMonEA Project, Head of Research C. Brégianni, Academy of Athens / HFRI.  


It is not allowed to use parts or the whole of the tabulation.

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