icon logo  ''From the Great Depression to Dictatorship. Changing Institutions of Social Economy in Greek Agriculture (1929-1940)'', research in the framework of the TransMonEA project. 

Paper presented by C. Brégianni in the Conference Rural Cooperatives in Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th  centuries, Leipzing Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe, 21nd& 22nd October 2021.




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India in the Indian Ocean World is not so much about India's exploits in the maritime sphere, it is more about how the ocean has molded India's history. It reverses the traditional 'from land outwards towards the coast' gaze that is prevalent in the writing of national histories, and instead presents India from the sea. A refreshingly different history thus emerges of India's story in this maritime world ranging from the Persian Gulf-Red Sea regions and the east coast of Africa to the south China coast. The book does not privilege either political or trade history as has been the norm; instead, it emphasises the communities engaged in maritime trade and the consequent creation of cultural pathways, cashless economies, religious diversities, and coinage flows. I hope this book will be a significant contribution to oceanic humanities.

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icon logo  "Popular uprisings during the interwar period and photographic reports", a research part of the TransMonEA project.

Paper presented by Manolis Arkolakis at the 17th Conference on the History of Greek Photography, Photographic Encounters, Chania, April 1-2, 2022.

Programme [PDF]

Abstract [PDF]

Link: https://www.photoencounters.gr 




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