Research Director, Academy of Athens / Research Center for the History of Modern Hellenism, Head of Research TransMonEA project.

She studied History as an undergraduate at the Ionian University and postgraduate at the Unversité de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne. She holds a PhD from Paris I (2001). She is Research Director at the Modern Greek History Research Center of the Academy of Athens, where she has been serving since 2003. Member (external) of the Research Group Laboratoire de Démographie et d'Histoire Sociale, CRH-EHESS, Paris [individual project ‘’Economic Crises, Transnational Policies, and National Examples in Europe during the Interwar Period’’ and participation in the collective research project "Economic Policies and Statistics of International Institutions during the Interwar Period",]. 

She was an Invited Professor at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2017) and a Visiting Research Fellow at the MSH / Paris during a research leave (2012/2013). She has been an Invited Lecturer at postgraduate seminars at the University of Paris VIII (2012) and undergraduate seminars at the University of Giessen and the Financial University of Moscow. She has lectured in the Cultural Seminars Series of the Greek communities of Sydney and Melbourne (2018). She was a Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University, from 2001 to 2011, teaching European Economic and Social History and European History.

Her research focuses mainly on market mechanisms, in relation to the evolution of the international monetary system, from the perspective of the analysis of monetary mechanisms and the history of institutions. In this context, she participated in the DAMIN ANR project for the international monetary history of the 19th and 20th centuries. She has been the organiser or co-organiser of various thematic conferences at the International Conferences of the Economic History Association and the European Business History Association, from 2012 until today (as in EHWC Kyoto 2015, Boston 2017, Paris 2022), focusing on the history of currency, but also comparative approaches of social economic institutions. She has also co-organised scientific conferences in Greece (2010, 2020) and France (2016, 2017, 2021), dealing mainly with the history of international institutions in the 20th century and the formation of international monetary systems. She has directed or participated in research project in Greece. She has published a number of articles in international scientific journals and has participated in collective volumes.

The monographs and the collective volumes she co-edited are: C. Brégianni, Les Banques, l'agriculture et l'Etat. Stratégies de crédit et politique agraire en Grèce de 1861 à 1940, pref. Sp. Asdrachas. Lille, Presses Universitaires Septentrion, 2002 (Publication of the PhD Thesis). Bregianni, K. History and Historiography. Athens, Hellenic Open University, 2008, in Greek. Bregianni, K. Modern Greek Currency. State, Politics and Ideology from the Revolution to the Interwar Period. Athens, Center for the Study of the History of Modern Hellenism. Academy of Athens, 2011, in Greek. C. Brégianni. Ionian State. Institutions and Social Structure, 1814-1864. Athens, KEINE. Academy of Athens, 2017, in Greek. H. Gardikas Katsiadakis, C. Brégianni (eds.). Agricultural Cooperatives in South and Central Europe, 19th - 20th century: a Comparative Approach, introd. by C. Brégianni. Athens, Academy of Athens, 2013. G. Depeyrot, C. Brégianni, M. Kovalchuk (eds.). Three Conferences on International Monetary History. Wetteren, Moneta, 2013. C. Brégianni, et R. Cussό (eds.). Economic Policies of International Institutions in Historical Perspective. Laboratory of Demography and Social History-CRH, EHESS, Paris 2019, prepublication. 

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