Giannis Karakatsianis holds a PhD in Modern History from the University of Athens, while he has a postgraduate specialisation in the History of Philosophy. He has given numerous lectures at Greek and European Universities on topics mainly related to the period 1930-1960, the History of Cooperatives, Oral and Local History, Ideology, and innovative approaches to the Teaching of History.

In addition to the various scientific presentations and publications in scientific journals and collective volumes, he had published the monographs: The Sali in Byzantine Society, Life of Agios Andreas Salos (translated by Giannis Soukis) (2005), When was Ideology Born? When Did It Arrive in Greece, (2012) and The War in Mani, Occupation, Resistance, Civil War through Oral Testimonies of Protagonists and Anecdotal Archives, 2 vols (2014). He has edited the collective volume Southern Peloponnese 1935-1950 (2009). Other publications are: Let's make history, Manual for teachers and parents with an example of the teaching of the history of the 2nd Grate, vol. I, (2015), vol. II, (2016), How the story unfolds in a mountainous Arcadian village: a short story about the Manari of Arcadia, (2018), Medieval History of the City of Kalamata, vol. I. Byzantium- Frankish rule – Dominion of Mystra, 1000-1460, (2021).

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