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WITH the participation of the Cooperative Institution’s members, UMR D&S, IEDES, University of Paris-1, 

The Agency of International Institutions during the Interwar Period:  Generating Innovation or Establishing a Global Financial Order?

The role played by the League of Nations in the global economic and financial issues has already received much attention; It is widely  recognised that the institution was concerned with transnational affairs as  with international ones. However, an analysis focused on how the LoN influenced national economies more concretely remains less developed. It is rather complicated to unravel the mechanisms and instruments that connect globally to local or national affairs. The papers of the current seminar’s meeting explore three different but interconnected cases of the financial ‘’innovations’’, implemented by the global institutions of the interwar period, and of their role in state-building, as well as the expertise generated on a transnational level.    

The seminar meeting is a preparatory event in the framework of the TransMonEA Session Financial Expertise and Monetary Order as Societal and Individual Experience. Global Actors and Local Players (XIXec.-XXec.), organized by Catherine Brégianni. XIX World Economic History Congress - Paris 25-29 July 2022.


Methods for Studying International Statistical Activities: The Case of the ‘’Meeting of Statistical Officers’’ of Central Banks, 1928.

Roser Cussό

The International Experts and Expertise in the Making of new Turkey's Economic Policies and Instruments: The Question of Economic Sovereignty in the Interwar Turkish State-building 

Aykiz Dogan

Global Financial Institutions and Interwar Population Transfers: League of Nations and the Refugee Settlement Commission in Greece during the 1920s.    

Catherine Brégianni


The Agency of International Institutions during the Interwar Period. Presentation of C. Brégianni - YouTube 

The Agency of International Institutions during the Interwar Period: presentation of R. Cusso - YouTube 


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