TransMonEA Research Seminar Currency, Crises Representations of Money and of Economy. 2nd Thematic Cycle 2021-2022 International Institutions and Experts’ Networks: Modern State and Actors of Rationalization.

Catherine Brégianni, Research Director KEINE, Academy of Athens, Economics at the Academy of Athens during the Interwar Period: A Scientific Debate in the Context of the Great Depression 

Discussant: Sotiris Rizas, Director of Research & Director of KEINE of the Academy of Athens

Academy of Athens, as one of the institutional bodies of the interwar modernisation, from the beginning of its operation [1926] included among its members, important theorist  economists who, also had a prominent role in the broader effort of financial rationalisation of the State. The research seminar meeting on September 27th includes the elaboration of the economy thought the interwar period in Greece as an institutional expression but also as a contribution to a wider scientific analysis of the causes of the international economic crisis and the ways to tackle it. Particularly important in this debate was the contribution of the Academics, who occupied the interwar period as the chair of Political Economy [Α. Andreadis, (1926), Kyriakos Varvaresos (1936)]. Also, later on, other Academics in Economics had a significant influence both in the formulation of the central economic policy of the interwar period - such as Alexandros Diomidis (1945) - and in the scientific / academic debate - such as Xenophon Zolotas (1952) and Angelos Peloponnese (1976).

During the discussion, the chronological horizon of the subject will be expanded, as the purpose of the meeting is to explore the different paths of development proposed for the post-war economy, mainly through the reference to the perspectives of K. Varvaresos and X. Zolotas (S. Rizas).

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