Seminar Meetings: Currency, Crises, Representations of Money and of Economy.   

In the framework of the Research Project Transnational Monetary & Economic Alternatives in the Interwar Politics. The ‘30s Greek Crisis in European Context’, hosted in the Academy of Athens and financed by the HFRI, hold seminar meetings under the general thematic ‘’Currency, Crises, Representations of Money and Economy’’, in order to discuss the research results, as well as to include new perspectives, which enrich the research hypothesis. TransMonEA seminar meetings are also conducted in correlation to the project’s milestones.

1st Thematic Cycle 2020/2021 Interwar Crisis’s Transnational Approaches and National Case Studies:

Quantification and Conceptualisation, from the Local to the Global 

Presentation, analysis and conceptual framework of the sources under elaboration, from the local to the global. 


The seminars of the 1st Thematic cycle interact with the Session S65 ‘’The Great Depression and the rural world in South-eastern Europe; evaluating and representing the agrarian change’’, organised by Catherine Brégianni. Rural History 2021 | 23-26 August, 2021, University of Uppsala: postponed to 20-23 June 2022


2nd Thematic cycle 2021-2022: The actors of the economy. Institutions and personal networks.

The thematic cycle focuses on:

i. Analysis of the economic institutions’ impact in establishing a global monetary and economic order.

ii. The role of the actors in handling economic and social crises 

iii. Ways of accelerating innovation during economic transitions

The seminars of the 2nd thematic cycle interact with the Session 

‘’Financial Expertise and Monetary Order as Societal and Individual Experience. Global Actors and Local Players (XIXec.-XXec.)’’, organised by Catherine Brégianni. XIX World Economic History Congress – Paris 25-29 July 2022


Both thematic cycles interact with the conferences organised by TransMonEA project.



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