icon logo Online conference "Monetary Integration and Disintegration in the Interwar Europe: the Impact of the Great Depression from Institutional Agency to Local Conditions" (Academy of Athens, November 1st and 2nd, 2021).

The second two-day Conference was organised by the TransMonEA project, on the 1st-2nd November 2021, by the  Academy of Athens. Subject : "Monetary Integration and Disintegration in the Interwar Europe: Τhe Impact of the Great Depression, from Institutional Agency to Local Conditions". 

The subject matter of the two-day conference was the investigation of monetary policies and the international monetary order, established  during the interwar period: monetary phenomena also reflect on geographical differentiations in the evolution of the market mechanisms. The Conference explored whether the monetary imbalance of the interwar period was responsible for and resulted in the Great Depression. This question requires an analysis of the conditions of international monetary cooperation created in the 1920s in order to address the inflationary phenomena caused by the Great War. Therefore, the main research topic of the Conference was the discontinuity observed during the interwar period, i.e., the transition from the ‘20s economic liberalism to the economic protectionism of the 1930s. An important research parameter of the Conference was the comparative perspective: in relation to economic asymmetry, the economic crisis of 2008-2009 had similar characteristics as Southern Europe, but also as the multipolar modern world. The homogeneous attempts for financial stability through the globalised market not only had many similarities, but also significant differences compared to the economic policies that took place during the Great Depression. The Conference examined the long-run effects of the public debt, in relation to the monetary circuits, thus connecting - at the level of research hypotheses- the Early Modern Europe with our era. 






 icon logo Acteurs du développement économique et financier entre global et local.  Un aperçu par le biais des réseaux personnels, durant l'entre-deux-guerres et au-delà  

Actors in economic and financial development, between global and local.  Through the optic of personal networks, during the interwar period and beyond


The Conference was co-organized by the TransMonEA project, Academy of Athens & HFRI and the UMR D&S/University of Paris I which is the collaborating organisation of the Project. 

It took place in Paris I, on the 9th and 10th of October 2020. The TransMonEA Research Team participated with papers by Catherine Bregianni [Money doctors in the Mediterranean; League of Nations' Financial Committee and the foundation of the Bank of Greece] and Antonis Antoniou [Quantification de l’économie nationale durant la Dépression internationale ; Finances publiques de l’État hellénique]. Roser Cussó [Les acteurs techniques de la globalisation d'entre-deux-guerres: les statistics de la Société des Nations, 1920-1930] and Aykiz Dogan [Les transnationaux et l'internationalisation des economic statistics of Turkey (1926-7)], both members of the UMR D&S and collaborative researchers of the project, also presented papers in the event. Participants were invited by both organizers ie. TransMonEA and UMR D&S/University of Paris I. 

Organisational and technical support was provided by Manolis Arkolakis and Theofanis Salappas from the TransMonEA project and Franck Viroleau from Paris I, UMR D&S. 

The event is a pre-conference in the framework of the Session Financial Expertise and Monetary Order as Societal and Individual Experience. Global Actors and Local Players (XIXec.-XXec.), organised by Catherine Brégianni. (cf. below)





Presentation of the TransMonEA project: Pour une analyse des réseaux technocratiques des institutions internationales, régionales et locales ; l’articulation global-local et l’institutionnalisation afférente. 

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icon logo TransMonEA participates in the International Conference Rural History 2021 | 23-26 August, 2021 , University of Uppsala: postponed to 20-23 June 2022 

with the Session [S. 65 A & S. 65 B]

The Great Depression and the Rural World in South-eastern Europe; Evaluating and Representing the Agrarian Change, organised by Catherine Brégianni. 

 The TransMonEA Research Team participates in the thematic session with papers by the Head of the Research, Catherine Brégianni, the members of the Research Team, Manolis Arkolakis, Michalis Sarras and Antonis Antoniou and invited researchers. 




icon logoTransMonEA participates in the XIX World Economic History Congress - Paris 25-29 July 2022

with the Session 

Financial Expertise and Monetary Order as Societal and Individual Experience. 

Global Actors and Local Players (XIXec.-XXec.), organised by Catherine Brégianni.

 Members of the cooperative institution D&S and external invited Researchers also participate in this Session. 



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