• Catherine Brégianni, Survey of Bibliography: Money. Interwar Monetary Integration and Disintegration, TransMonEA project, HFRI-Academy of Athens, 2021. 

This bibliographical survey, which is indicative and not exhaustive, has incorporated more general essays related to the Great Depression and monetary systems in the long run, considered as stages to the creation of a globalised economy. Indicative studies concerning the analysis of currency from the point of view of political philosophy, were also included.

 Bibliography  (PDF).

The poetry of America Dali


By Prof Jürgen Nautz. TransMonEA Research Seminar ‘’Currency, Crises Representations of Money and of Economy’’. HFRI-Academy of Athens

Seminar Presentation of January 25, 2021 Germany‘s Economy and Society in the 1930s: Great Depression and the Weimar Republic


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