The second two-day Conference is organized by the TransMonEA project, 1-2 November 2021, Academy of Athens. Subject : "Monetary Integration and Disintegration in the Interwar Europe: Τhe Impact of the Great Depression, from Institutional Agency to Local Conditions".  

The subject matter of the two-day conference is the investigation of monetary policies and the international monetary order established  during the interwar period: monetary phenomena also reflect geographical differentiations in the evolution of market mechanisms. The Conference explores whether the Great Depression caused or was caused by the monetary imbalance of the interwar period, a question that requires an analysis of the conditions of international monetary cooperation created in the 1920s in order to address the inflationary phenomena caused by the Great War. Therefore, main research topic of the Conference is the discontinuity observed during the interwar period, i.e., the transition from the ‘20s economic liberalism to economic protectionism of the 1930s. An important research parameter of the Conference is the comparative perspective: in relation to economic asymmetry, the economic crisis of 2008-2009 had such characteristics not only as regards Southern Europe, but also in relation to the multipolar modern world. The homogeneous attempts for financial stability through the globalized market had many similarities but also significant differences compared to the economic policies, that took place during the Great Depression. The Conference examines, in the long run, the public debt in relation to the monetary circuits, thus connecting - at the level of research hypotheses- the Early Modern Europe with our era. 






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